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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

We all know that feeling of having to go to a social gathering but trying to stay on track at the same time. Our health and fitness goals are important to us, but so is having friends and not becoming a social recluse. So here is our guide to the dishes to avoid and the dishes to enjoy whilst going for a curry.


Chicken Tandoori is a great choice to have. The ugly side of an Indian takeaway is the thick, rich creamy sauces. A tandoori comes without sauce and the chicken is a fantastic sauce of muscle building protein. The average restaurant portion size also only contains 300kcal. Accompany this with half a portion of white rice and enjoy a balanced meal for under 500kcal.

To reduce the guilt further, then hit the gym just before the meal and target your largest muscle groups. A workout containing compound moves like squats, deadlifts and lunges will light a spark under your metabolism.


Chicken Biryani has rice included so you don’t need to order rice as a side dish. However,  go easy on the separate pot of sauce and ask for it without the fried egg or omelette on top.

Others in the moderate-calorie category include lamb rogan josh and prawn or chicken jalfrezi. Again with a small portion of rice you can look to keep this meal at under 800kcal.

Our advice to live guilt free on that day is to try to squeeze in 2 sessions. Wake up early and hit a cardio session first thing in the morning. This should then be accompanied by a resistant workout later in the day.


A chicken Korma with Pilau rice is one to really blow all your hard work. An average portion of an Indian takeaway contains 3.2g more saturated fat than a woman should eat in a whole day, according to Which? With its generous content of cream and coconut you can expect a chicken korma to beat even this high level of cholesterol-raising saturates.

Add naan bread and poppadoms and it could easily reach 1,300-1,400 calories. Other cream-laden types to avoid are pasanda and tikka masala. Thats before we even look at what we are drinking. With a Cobra beer clocking in at 132 calories per 330ml bottle thats 10 minutes running for every drink you have, to burn it off.

It really is all about damage limitation when it comes to an ugly meal like this. This type of meal should only come at the end of a really good week of training and nutrition. To try to offset the effects then comply with with two sessions advised above. Then, the following morning, wake up and head straight out for some fasted cardio. An hour of steady state cardio will help your body to start using some of that fat to fuel your workout.

However, be warned!! Don’t let this one meal derail your progress and let a curry cheat spiral into a cheat week. If you have earned it, then enjoy it.


author: Matt Williams


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