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Valentines Couples Workout

Valentines Couples Workout 

This valentines day why not give our valentines couples workout a go as couples who train together stay together.

According to a recent study couples who train together and share a passion for health and fitness are more likely to stay together as well as maintain exercise as a regular habit.

Why not give our valentines couples workout a go this Sunday and reap the health and endorphin benefits.

Rock the Boat

Set up in a sit up position with you and your partner’s feet facing each other. Press the soles of your feet against each other about a foot off the ground. Go for alternate crunches and try to get ten each in a set.

The instability through the soles of your feet against each other is great at engaging the core muscles.

High Five Push Ups

Face each other performing push ups, as you reach the top, give each other a high five using opposing hands. Make it competitive and keep going until one person gives up. Looser does the dishes for a week!!

Kneeling Med Ball Twists

Grab yourself a heavy medicine ball, kneel on the floor facing away from each other. Twist around to pass the ball to your partner and twist around again to collect from the other side. Go for ten twists in one direction, then start passing the ball the other way. Go for three sets.

Wheelbarrow Walks

Use a big open space. Set yourself in a push-up position while your partner lifts your legs up in the air by your ankles. Use your hands to walk the length of the room then back again. Switch positions and then go again. Go for four to six lengths of the room each. How about this for a little inspiration!

Plank on Plank

It’s exactly how it sounds, the bottom partner can either start in a low (on forearms) or high (on hands) plank, and the top partner climbs on the back in a high plank with hands on their partner’s shoulders/upper back. See how long you can both hold before falling off or losing balance. Go for three rounds.

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author: Matt Williams


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