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New Year New Me??!

New Year New Me??!

Remember the 1st of January and all those hopes, dreams and good intentions? Where are they now? Are we still going strong on that New Years Resolution or have old habits creeped back in? The start of February seems a good time to sit back and re-evaluate.

The Science

Successfully following through with a resolution or goal is practically a scientific process and it takes steps when hoping to move forward. I am not the most scientific person in the world, but I do know there are a few steps you can take re-evaluating your choices.
What were your initial resolutions? Write down or say aloud what positive changes you wanted to make. Make them detailed and specific to you and your life.
What positive changes were made? How did you go about making successful changes and how can you continue to follow through with them.
What setbacks were there? With every big change comes big commitment and sometimes it can be hard to stay as dedicated as hoped.
How will you positively move forward? Decide what parts of your resolution to take with you and what parts to replace with something that will help you become more successful.

The Method

So lets put this into context with you and our specialist subject EXERCISE. Most peoples resolution was to go to the gym more. This is too vague and needs to be made more specific. Instead of saying I want to go to the gym more set yourself an initial challenge of regularly going to the gym three times a week. Remember consistent exercise over a long period is much more effective than binge exercising.

Now chances are over the first two weeks of January you managed to exceed this and may have even have gone to the gym everyday. How did you manage to achieve this with the same schedule that you have now?? In which areas did you make sacrifices in order to ensure you could make it to the gym and why is that not the case now?

However, there is no need to panic if you have let it slip. We are only 1 month into 2016. So what were the setbacks that caused our fledgling habit to be broken? When did the priority stop becoming health and exercise and turned into work and stress?

Now more than ever it is important to take the positives from the first month and use that experience to help you move forward. You now know that you do have enough time and willpower to sustain a change over a small period. It’s important now to capitalise on that experience and turn that into a positive habit.

I’m going to share with you my own resolution. I wanted to make sure I read more books in 2016. I set myself a very realistic target of reading 12 books, 1 a month, through the year. It all started so well and I had got halfway through a book by the 3rd of January. However, work soon took over and the habit slipped.

But as I have said above it’s not too late to catch up. I need to reinforce the positive changes I did make and realign that time as a priority in my schedule. I need to do this because my resolution is important to me. It will also, like exercise, have a positive impact across my entire life.

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