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Body Transformation Advice

Body Transformation Advice

Dramatically changing your body takes time, dedication, hard work and most importantly patience. But we have put together our top tips that can easily be integrated into your day to day life.
1. Don’t skip meals. We all need energy, whether that’s to fuel workouts or just to get through the day, and sticking with breakfast, lunch and dinner will keep insulin levels steady, making it less likely that you’ll get hungry and make bad food decisions. It’s all about quantity and quality for achieving a total body transformation


2. Eat free-range if possible, because when compared to their cage-reared brethren, free-range meat is often so nutritionally dissimilar that it’s like eating entirely different food. Grass-fed beef, for instance, has much higher levels of CLA and omega 3s, both of which can help you build a strong, lean body. The same can also be said of organic fruit and vegetables.


3. Drink water, which everyone knows but most forget. We recommend a large glass of cold water when you wake up – ideally before you put on the kettle for your morning tea or coffee (it’s something to do while you wait for the kettle to boil). It’ll help you wake up and start the day feeling energised. Quite often when we feel hungry we are actually just thirsty. So before you reach for the snacks have a glass of water.
4. Treat cooking as part of your fitness regime. It’s even a good idea to skip a gym session to make time to prep and cook a ton of food (although it’s a better idea to do all the gym sessions and batch-cook). Look at it this way: you’ve got maybe four chances to work in the gym every week, but you’ll eat at least 21 meals. The 1 hour of your day that you spend in the gym is the easy part, it’s the other 23 hours that are the challenge.
5. If you’re eating out with friends, put the fork down when in a conversation. It’ll discourage overeating and give your body time to register when you start to get full. Try to stay away from fried options and stick to lean meats and fish with vegetables or a side salad.


6. Be nice when saying no, because family and friends can get a bit weird if you turn down something they’re offering. Try “Thanks, but I don’t eat X” – it implies a choice, whereas “I can’t” suggests you’re denying yourself. Having the support of friends and family is crucial to ensure you reach your body transformation goal.


7. Go slow on the smoothies, since it’s easy to overindulge on sweet liquid calories. As well as being a common source of hidden sugar, smoothies have little effect on fullness levels – so you could be hungry again 30 minutes later. Be careful not to fall into the advertising trap of all smoothies being healthy. Shop bought usually means full of sugar and preservatives.


8. Switch to drinking green tea and black coffee. Studies suggest that the former has some fat-burning properties, while the latter might have some antioxidant effects that help protect your cells from the rigours of exercise. Small things like taking the sugar out from your daily coffee over the course of a week will have a big impact on your waistline.

author: jasonpatmore

I am a Personal Trainer and coach based in Liverpool Street.


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