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Worst Gym Advice

Worst Gym Advice


1. Heavy weights will bulk you up.
People worry that lifting heavy weights will bulk them up—it’s not going to happen! This is a constant battle with many of our clients, especially females. This bad advice deters women from gaining strength, and building stronger connective tissue and postural muscles. When you have more muscle mass—density, not size—you increase your metabolism. We constantly advise clients to look at the research, or just check out somebody like Jessica Ennis. She constantly lifts substantial weight and has lean, toned limbs.
2. There’s only one way to do the perfect squat (or lunge).
We continue to hear personal trainers and fitness experts who say there’s a single way to do a lunge or squat. We see them correcting chest alignment and where the knees line up with the toes or ankles. This fails to take into account physics and the person’s goal. There are thousands of different ways to do a lunge. What’s your goal? Strengthening the top of your thighs versus toning your thighs requires very different movement. We are also all built and created differently so the length of bones, like the femur, will have a large impact on the way that a person squats, lunges and deadlifts.
3. There’s an ideal weight for your body type.
No trainer or training program should ever tell you how much you should weigh. No one has the ability or right to tell you what a proper weight is. Every body is different. You were not meant to look like anyone else and your body’s proper weight is what makes you feel confident and comfortable. Stop letting a number on the scale have so much power. Why are you letting your weight determine your happiness? You know what is healthy, fit, and sexy? We have seen countless examples of clients where their weight has not changed on the scale but their appearance has changed dramatically. Focus on performance and how you feel rather than how much you weigh.
4. Workout classes are designed for all levels.
How often do we see gyms advertising classes as being “open for all levels”? But the actual level of the class might not be best suited for everybody, in particular those less advanced. There is no instruction given on how to execute or modify moves and all of sudden the participants are throwing their bodies around, jumping, bouncing, and twisting to compensate. Make sure you pick a class that is suitable for your fitness level to protect yourself against injury. If you are unsure then speak to the instructor first for their advice. Also participating in a class that is too difficult for you will lead to you becoming easily frustrated and less likely to stick with the habit.
5. There’s one best approach to fitness.
Be it Crossfit, HIIT, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting or cardio everybody has different tastes and preferences when it comes to fitness. But don’t be fooled into thinking that that is the only way to get fit and healthy. Every training style and system has pros and cons and will give you great results if done properly. So don’t get fooled by the guy in the local gym decked out in Reebok telling you that you have to do Crossfit to get a great body and its the only way. Be smart and take the best bits from every system to leave yourself fit, healthy and well rounded.

author: jasonpatmore

I am a Personal Trainer and coach based in Liverpool Street.


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