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Training in the cold.

There are lots of additonal benefits which you wont even realise you are getting when you are training outside in the cold, here are a few of the main ones…

1. Beat SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)
Keeping up the motivation to exercise on a cold winter day instead of curling up under a warm blanket on the sofa can be difficult. However, in addition to piling on the pounds, slowing down physically can have the unwanted side affect of bringing you down psychologically, known as SAD. And at a time when the weather is lowering our spirits we need to take practical measures to stay active and happy. Working out in Winter can help fight SAD, being out in the fresh air and oxygenating your body, produces mood boosting hormones, relieving depression and the winter blues, and helps keep your senses sharp and mind invigorated.

2. Burn More Calories
If you think your carrying a little more blubber than you strictly need to survive the winter, the good news is that the falling temperatures will help you shed it. The colder air means your body works harder to keep you warm, meaning you burn more fat. The conditions will also challenge you and your body more, in turn raising your metabolism and helping you use your fat reserves to produce the extra energy for your workout.

3. Boosted Fitness, Health and Endurance
Not only will the cold weather challenge your body in to becoming stronger both mentally and physically, but you push a lot of extra resistance in the winter, as more clothes rubbing, more weight, more air resistance and heavier air to push through, makes your body work harder. This in turn boosts your fitness and endurance levels, strengthing the heart, lungs and entire cardiovascular system, improving your overall health and well-being.

4. Increased Immunity
Regular moderate exercise boosts immunity by improving lymphatic and cardiovascular circulation. It increases blood flow to all the organs, including the liver which has worked overtime during the festive season and will help you improve its ability to detoxify waste from those previous excessive indulgent days!

5. Reduction in Stress Levels, Anxiety and Depression
Feel good endorphins elevate your mood and make you happier and give you more energy! Which in winter we know is difficult to come by, so exercising regularly will increase these, in turn reducing your stress and anxiety levels and easing depression.

6. Because it’s FUN!
We all like to be outside when the sun shining with a warm gentle breeze, but being outdoors when the winds blowing a gail, rains pouring and even snow is coming down is a new challenge and can be just as much fun! If your hot and pumping you wont even notice the weather around you, and we guarantee at the end of a session you will be feeling absolutely energised and completely awake when you have sweated your way through a fresh, intense winter workout, theres no feeling quite like it. So while everyone is lounging around feeling lethargic and miserable, you will be bouncing around looking and feeling great!

What to Wear

Keep correctly wrapped up and cosy with the right clothing this winter, and you will be kidding yourselevs you’ll be doing burpees in the Bahamas! Turn up with adequate layers, but make sure these can be peeled off, as necessary, as you get warmer during the session. Here are a few essentials and recommendations that will keep the blood flowing and the fingers tingle free. These will last you the whole winter, and for many more to come, so a small investment goes a long way….

Under Layers and Skins
Gloves and Socks
Warm/ Waterproof Layer

author: jasonpatmore

I am a Personal Trainer and coach based in Liverpool Street.


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