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Surviving the Christmas Party

Surviving the Christmas Party.

You have worked hard all year on your health and fitness and then December comes along with all its treats and temptations to try to derail before January. One of the biggest culprits in this is the frequent Christmas work socials and parties. But don’t worry we are here with our best advice to help you stay healthy and survive the work party with your health still in tact.

First things first, to make sure you look your best for the party, hit the gym the day of the party and try this workout by lead trainer Jason It will leave your arm muscles pumped full of blood and looking ready to hit the dance floor.

Here is what else we recommend to help you stay fit and healthy:

1) Eat a large lunch on the day of the party packed full of lean protein, slow digesting carbs and healthy veg. This will prevent you from pigging out on the buffet and help with the absorption of alcohol into your system.

2) A few days beforehand, take regular doses of the herb Milk thistle, which has been shown to assist the liver in dealing with excess alcohol.

3) To avoid overeating take a plate of food from the buffet, eat it all, and then put the plate down. This will prevent overeating by standing next to the buffet all night and picking. Alternatively if they are serving canapés keep all the sticks so you can gauge how much you are eating.

4) Try not to overeat on wasted calories. Stick to the smoked salmon and chicken on a stick rather than handfuls of crisps and nuts.

5) In between each alcoholic drink have a glass of water. This will slow down your alcohol consumption and keep you hydrated.

6) Choose you drinks wisely- beer is calorie laden and cocktails are generally packed full of sugar. Try having red wine or slimline tonic and a spirit.

So following our advice you should manage to avoid overeating and escape the night with your waistline still in tact and without a hangover. However if not, make sure you check out Tuesdays newsletter where we are giving our best advice for fighting that hangover and our recommended workout to sweat it all out.

Remember to have fun and let your hair down. Just try to stay away from embarrassing yourself in front of your boss and give the photocopier a wide berth.

author: jasonpatmore

I am a Personal Trainer and coach based in Liverpool Street.


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