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Health & Fitness Gifts

Health & Fitness Gifts

There is no need to worry if you have left your Christmas shopping to the last minute. Here are our top health & fitness presents to help your loved ones get in great shape in 2016.


As a base to getting fit in 2016 nutrition needs to be correct. Try to increase the amount of vegetables you are eating by grabbing a NutriBullet. Within seconds you can make a healthy shake that you can take with you to work. It’s a great way to stay on top of your macros without you having to resort to heading to Sainsburys at lunchtime with the masses.

Suspension Trainer 

Suspension trainers or a TRX (largest selling brand) are a versatile piece of kit that enable the owner to workout wherever and whenever they want. Going away for business, stuck at home in the rain or want to take it outdoors to a park this piece of kit can be utilised anywhere. Plus with its versatility it can give you a fantastic full body workout.


Wearable health and fitness tech keeps growing year on year but you don’t need to splash out on an Apple watch to reap the benefits. A Fitbit will monitor your heart rate and exercise level throughout the day. This is a great piece of tech for encouraging people to move more and to create healthy habits for your loved ones. Once you start to get competitive with it then you can really start to reap the benefits of wearable tech.

Foam Roller 

As well as pushing hard in the gym it’s important to recover well so you can train hard the next session. A foam roller will enable your loved one to roll out any tight muscles and help promote greater blood flow to the restricted area. This is a great present for anybody looking to take on a long distance event in 2016 and is perfect for any marathon runner or keen cyclist.

Personal Training 

The ultimate health and fitness gift for a loved one is the route to a fitter healthy body in 2016. Simply get in touch through the website to claim two FREE personal training sessions for your loved one. In these sessions they will receive a full body MOT and a bespoke training and nutrition plan for 2016. They will also receive two full body workouts to help them start 2016 with a bang and work off that roast Xmas dinner.

So those are our top tips for a health and fitness gift for your loved ones. Nobody needs another pair of novelty socks so look to buy a gift that will promote greater health and wellbeing in 2016.

Happy Shopping!

author: jasonpatmore

I am a Personal Trainer and coach based in Liverpool Street.


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