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Sore Muscles – Newsletter November 2015

You’ve all possibly experienced that feeling.

The feeling if stiffness and sore muscles, perhaps struggling to go down stairs in the days following a training session.

DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness).

As you gain more training experience, and hours spent training with weights, your susceptibility to DOMS should reduce.

This will help you train harder which is a plus, however poor recovery and hydration will increase this susceptibility to DOMS.

The research on DOMS isn’t concrete, and it’s not totally clear what causes it and how we can cure it, besides rest.

Here are a few points on DOMS:

Consider reducing your training volume and/or intensity if you find you’re suffering from DOMS for extended periods (3+ days). If this persists, hydration and nutrition should be your next focus.

Muscle soreness is never a good indication of how difficult a session was, instead you should be focusing on progressing your lifts over weeks/months/years.

Try planning your sessions so that DOMS doesn’t restrict what you can do. So perhaps try an upper/lower body split, or push-pull etc.

Ease yourself back into training if you’ve had some time out, there’s no need to go all guns blazing, keep one or two repetitions in reserve.

I wouldn’t spend a fortune on products claiming to cure DOMS in a short time frame. Magnesium baths or similar things such as Epsom salts may help recovery, but at the moment there is nothing significant which we know of.

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author: jasonpatmore

I am a Personal Trainer and coach based in Liverpool Street.


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