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Barriers and Roadblocks – Newsletter November 2015

All of you will have goals which you want to achieve.

These will commonly be appearance related, or maybe performance related.

E.g. wanting to look leaner for your upcoming beach holiday, or wanting to perform ‘x’ number of full pull-ups.

Now we tend to be happy when we achieve the goals we’ve set ourselves right?

However, what about when we don’t achieve the goals we’d set out to?

Some may feel disappointment, maybe loss of motivation too.

What we need to consider here are the barriers and roadblocks which you face.

So what were the barriers which prevented us from reaching the set target?

Here are two for you to consider…


It’s easy to become frustrated – especially when you set unrealistic goals, then this can happen quickly.

Suppose there’s an individual who wants to lose some body fat before their holiday…which happens to be in 2 weeks…

Well they’ve set themselves up for disappointment due to leaving it late to begin training.

Of course context must be applied to each individual. However, taking the example above, unless this person is a complete beginner who learns extremely quickly, in addition to being a complete genetic freak, then good luck!

One of the best pieces of advice I can give…

Let’s say you’ve set yourself the goal of {insert goal}, give yourself longer than you normally would to achieve that goal. As you all know, life throws curve balls at us!

So, set realistic goals! Unrealistic ones are common barriers. If you’re not sure whether your goal is realistic, speak to a coach to get their opinion.

You Don’t Focus Enough on the Process!

Whilst it’s important to have a goal, people tend to focus too much on the end goal. For instance, you’re aiming to drop a dress size, so you start analysing every detail, and look in the mirror each morning expecting to see change…then frustration begins to creep in.

Don’t focus so much on where you want to be, that you ignore the process, and lose enjoyment for training and the small changes to your lifestyle which will ultimately get you closer to the end goal.

All of these small changes will give you momentum going forwards. Don’t underestimate them!

Would you have thought of the second point as a potential barrier to success?

What does success mean to you?

author: jasonpatmore

I am a Personal Trainer and coach based in Liverpool Street.


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