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Choosing the Correct Training – Newsletter November 2015

Training Style.

We get asked all the time about what style of training people should be doing. We have so much information available to us at the click of a button that we can almost have too much choice. Lets try to keep this simple.

The first question you need to answer is- What is my goal? This will then give you a clear target to aim towards. Once you have a target you can select the most appropriate tools (training styles) to help you achieve that. It can quite often be the wrong selection of tools for the job that leads to a lack of progress rather than a lack of effort in the gym. This is all complimented by the nutritional choices we make alongside our training. We will cover this in more detail in next weeks newsletter.

The biggest goal we come across everyday is fat loss. In order to lose fat we need to be burning more energy then we are consuming, so nutrition has a large role to play. But, if we can give ourselves the right tools in the gym then we can accelerate this process. We have outlined below some of the training styles you might have read about and their pros and cons.

HIIT training or high intensity interval training requires you to work at high intensity for short periods followed by short intervals of rest. This can be anything from 10 seconds of all out work with then 10 seconds rest. The ratios of work time to rest time can constantly be altered but to begin with try to keep it simple maybe 30 seconds work and 30 seconds rest. It is important to make sure the work interval is as intense as you can make it so you really earn that rest period. The big advantage of HIIT training is that you continue to burn fat long after the session is finished. Another advantage is its versatility. You can use a piece of cardio equipment or use resistance exercises. Select for example a squat and a press up and alternate between the two exercises. Check out our HIIT package for more information!

LISS training or low intensity steady state requires you to select a piece of cardio equipment and work at a lower intensity but for a longer duration. A LISS session would normally last 60 minutes and its main plus point is how many calories you can burn during that session. However it will have less of a fat burning effect once the session is finished. LISS training also requires more time whereas a HIIT session cam be as short as 30 minutes.

Fasted cardio is a very fashionable training tool at the moment. In fact you only need to go onto Instagram early in the morning to see countless sweaty fasted cardio selfies. Fasted cardio is simply a LISS session but whilst your body is in a fasted state. So the ideal time would be first thing in the morning. Science has not proven this to be more effective than LISS training when not fasted. However if you feel better doing your LISS training fasted then you are not getting any less benefits from it so carry on. Just maybe hold back on the selfies!

Weight training can be used as an effective tool for fat loss. check out our you tube channel for our weekly videos with form! or If you have more muscle your body requires more energy to function when its in a resting state. So although a weight session won’t burn as many calories during the session it will have an effect long after the session is finished. However it is important to remember the goal of the weight session. As you are working towards fat loss and presumable in a calorie deficit this is not a time to be breaking personal records. You will not be aiming to keep lifting more during this period. It is important to keep the weight sessions intense and maybe try to add some supersets, two exercises back to back with little rest to get a large amount of volume through the muscles. Save your personal records for your next strength cycle.

So in conclusion there is no simple answer! All of these methods are effective and will accelerate the fat loss process. But what does work in our favour is that we need to constantly keep our body guessing to force adaption. So we need to use all of these training styles to stimulate a response. If we only choose one and keep repeating it our body will stop adapting and will hit a plateau. What is key to fat loss is that we are burning more energy than we are consuming. All of these will enable us to do that.

Good luck and for anymore details on any of these training styles then get in touch at

author: jasonpatmore

I am a Personal Trainer and coach based in Liverpool Street.


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