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Cancer Threats – Newsletter October 2015


Oh My God We’re Gonna Die!

So supposedly processed meat is a cancer threat, and is as bad as smoking…everyone’s panicking…Stay away from bacon, ham and sausages!

…Worse than cigarettes…

Ok then…

Here are 2 scenarios for you to consider.

Person A:
Eats loads of processed meat.
Little if any fruit and veg in their diet.
Drinks and smokes.
Highly stressed.
Lack of sleep.
Doesn’t exercise.
Has a lot of body fat.

Clearly this is unhealthy.

Person B:
Chooses leaner cuts of red meat.
Eats fruit and vegetables throughout the week.
Drinks occasionally…may even smoke every now and then.
Gets plenty of exercise.
Not stressed and gets enough sleep.
Has a normal level of bodyfat.

In my experience, especially with exercise referral/special population clients I’ve worked with, good and bad habits tend to come together in clusters, so the individual who is highly stressed will have poor quality sleep, and is likely to make poor nutrition choices and do little if any exercise.

This, like the whole sugar causing obesity issue is multi-faceted – people need to remember this! There are so many different things at play which need to be considered.

Processed meat obviously isn’t the best choice for us, especially for health reasons. But it’s important not to label all meat as being bad – There are so many meats and different cuts available, surely it’d be crazy to?

And then what about context? Suppose in a regular week you “eat healthy”, go out for 2-3 glasses of wine on Thursday night, and have a bacon sandwich Sunday morning – problem?

I wonder, can any single food be considered a health risk?

A few years ago I read a study which linked red meat consumption to bowel cancer in black men.

It got me nervous…really…I cut down on red meat for about 1 week…However I soon came to my senses. Even then, I think of all the meat (especially red!) that I’ve eaten over the last 4 or 5 years…I probably should have been gone a few years ago!

On a closing note.

So dietary fats have been in the firing line…they’re now meant to be good for us…

I still find many people are carbophobic…give them a few years they’ll probably be back on the bandwagon once the media sees sense and announces carbs are good.

So red meat is kind of back in the firing line.

By no means am I suggesting processed meats are good for us. But people just lose their minds and forget context when sensational claims are made.

On a closing note, the key thing is EDUCATION. Think about this.

author: jasonpatmore

I am a Personal Trainer and coach based in Liverpool Street.


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