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Meal Prep Advice – Newsletter October 2015

Meal Prep advice while living and working in London

We have lots of clients that come to see us at JDP Health & Fitness specifically looking for fat loss. One of the largest components of this is the food we put into our bodies. One client constantly used to claim he had no time to make his own food and that he would have to go to KFC as it was quick and easy. After discussing this together he understood that by following these tips below he did have time and it was the only way to reach the goal he wanted. A few months on he has lost a lot of body fat, is always prepped for lunch and is shocked at the frequency with which he used to visit KFC.

To make sure we are getting the most from the hard work we are putting in at the gym its important we are putting the right fuel into our bodies. The best way to do that is to know exactly what is going into our food. With that in mind here are our top tips for making food prep at home as easy as possible.

1) Be prepared– make sure you have everything you need to prep your food. That means ensuring you have enough containers to store and carry your food, scales to measure the amounts of macronutrients and a way to carry it with you.

2) Have a plan– know exactly what you need for the week ahead. This will not only make prep easier it will make it easier to stay on top of your nutrition.

3) Cost effective– by having a plan it will save you money as you can buy in bulk and your less likely to eat out.

4) Sunday Funday– take some time on Sunday to prep your food for the week. This will prevent you from spending 30 minutes each evening to do it and get it all done in one go. This will give you more free time to spend doing things you enjoy.

5) Long life– with that in mind make sure that you are using non perishable items so that the food stays fresh throughout the whole week.

5) Use your hands– finally to save even more time use your hands as a guide to your portion size. Your protein portion should be the same size as your palm and your carbohydrates can be a large handful of brown rice for example.

With those helpful tips in mind why not set aside this Sunday evening to get your food prepped for the week ahead. You will really notice the time you save throughout the week as well as the extra money in the bank. Furthermore it will prevent you from needing to grab lunch on the go and selecting something quick, expensive and unhealthy.

However if that still doesn’t inspire you but you want to stay on top of your nutrition then you could get it all prepped and delivered straight to you. One company that we would recommend is Fit Fuel. Through their website you can select your weeks food based on your training goal. With that they will prep everything according to your goals and deliver it straight to you. All you need to do is take it out of the fridge and put it into the microwave. What could be easier than that?

For more information on their services check out their website

Good luck with the prep and for more information on any of our tips then get in contact through

author: jasonpatmore

I am a Personal Trainer and coach based in Liverpool Street.


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