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Mindset – Newsletter October 2015

Was Neo Really the One?

The Matrix surely has to be in the top 10 films of all time…maybe…possibly?

Hopefully you’ve all seen the first one, but bear with me if you haven’t.

When Neo meets the Oracle for the first time, he tells her “I’m not the one”.

But what does this even have to do with fitness?

Self fulfilling prophecy is an occurrence where if we believe something to be true, it becomes true, even if the original belief wasn’t.

The Study

Pygmalion in the Classroom is one of the most famous studies on self fulfilling prophecy. Dr Rosenthal of Harvard gathered results of over 300 studies showing self fulfilling prophecy in action.

The study was as followed:

Groups of children were divided into 2 classes.

One class given to a teacher who was told, they should do well as they’re high achievers.

Other class given to a teacher who was told, they were underachievers so would need extra help.

All of the children were actually even in terms of ability level. However, by the end, the group who’d been labelled as high achievers were doing better than the group labelled as underachievers.

So this demonstrates that people can subconsciously live up to the expectations placed upon them by changing their actions to support the beliefs given.

Back to the Matrix…

So I’m wondering, was Neo really ‘the One’, or did the Oracle set him down that path by employing self fulfilling prophecy?

The turning point was when she said he’d have to make a decision – Morpheus’ life in one hand, his own in the other.


Eventually Morpheus is rescued, and Neo starts to believe he’s ‘the One’. He needed some sort of sign, and the Oracle gave it to him…in a strange way.

Again, was Neo ‘the One’, or did he become ‘the One’ because he started to believe in himself?


This brings me onto another contributor as to people don’t achieve their fitness goals.

Wrong nutrition choices?

Wrong training plan?


I’ve come across so many people who didn’t really believe in themselves to reach their goals. In the past I’ve heard people more or less shoot themselves down before they’ve started…

“But I’ve got thyroid issues”, “I have slow metabolism”, the list goes on…

Positive mindset is huge, other things will come as a by product of this. I’m not saying results are simply down to this one factor, however focus on the things you can control.

Let go of the self-doubt and fear.


author: jasonpatmore

I am a Personal Trainer and coach based in Liverpool Street.


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