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Training In Autumn – Newsletter October 2015

Training in Autumn

We all know that feeling of dread as the mornings and evenings turn dark come October. You only ever seem to see your house in the pitch black as you leave for work and then return home. But thats no excuse to let your training and nutrition suffer. Here are some top tips to help you stay on top of your training during the winter months ensuring you return from hibernation in top condition.


The cold, dark weather can all too easily become an excuse not to make it to the gym. Outdoor training is almost a write off as the rain and cold set in. So schedule your gym sessions into your diary to make them harder to cancel.

Tip 1- Workout first thing in the morning so that it is completed early and the temptation to cancel an evening session is avoided.

Tip 2- Strength Training should become a priority for all. Runners and Cyclists should be taking full advance of the off season! It is also the perfect opportunity to focus on rehab work for any injuries you might be carrying from the previous season.

Tip 3- It’s the perfect opportunity to focus on pre-hab work to strengthen areas of weakness and avoid incurring injuries in the coming months.

Tip 4- An opportunity to focus on building core strength.


This can also easily become a victim of the winter months. The temptation to eat poorly is increased by the cold and rainy weather and for many the body craves carbohydrates.

Tip 1- Now more than ever it is important to prepare your food for the day early to avoid poor food choices creeping in.

Tip 2- Also take advantage of the tasty seasonal vegetables on offer to starve off the complex carbohydrate cravings. Pumpkin, swede and parsnips all all great choices and are easily roasted in the oven to create a large choice of vegetables for the whole week.

Tip 3- Finally consider a vitamin D supplement for the winter months. Due to England’s fluctuating weather it can be difficult to ensure we get enough hours of sunlight exposure. Too many people in the UK, especially in the winter, suffer from vitamin D deficiency. Combat this with a supplement to keep you fighting fit and training hard.

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author: jasonpatmore

I am a Personal Trainer and coach based in Liverpool Street.


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