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The Beauty of a Running Club

Running Club in Liverpool Street.

One of the positives to emerge from retiring from professional ballet was the opportunity it allowed me to involve myself in new sports.

My targets for my first year was to get involved in running and cycling. Long term I would like to get involved in playing football again and taking my first steps into the boxing ring. But we can save that for another blog.

My cycling journey started with the acquisition of my first ever road bike and my first session in the Olympic Velodrome. However I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to find a club that fits in my schedule. However I have been much more successful in my search for a running club.

I wanted to join a running club for several reasons. I find running alone can quickly become monotonous and I find it all too easy to cancel planned sessions. By committing to a club and training with other people I have eliminated this possibility. This is especially important coming into the winter months. click here for my newsletter on training in Autumn. Secondly I wanted to learn from other people with more expertise than me. I have completed a couple of 10k’s but I am a relative novice when it comes to running training and competing.

The club I attend, put on free by Runners Need, has delivered on all of the above. The sessions are varied and have helped me to develop physically and technically in my running. But maybe what I was expecting was the social element. The feeling of a community and everybody willing to help and encourage their ‘teammates’ has been a massive plus point. So much so that through their encouragement I have decided to enter some events come the 2016 season. I am sure, with all their support, experience and tips I will reach new heights in my running training and races.

So watch this space for all the details on my races in the 2016 and how I get on. For anybody looking for a new sport or challenge surrounding yourself with like minded individuals is the perfect start. I am happy to be on my running journey and to be well under way in attacking the goals I set myself when I retired.

I cant wait to find the same experience with a cycling club in due course and set myself even more targets. If anybody knows of a great cycling club in south west London then drop me a message on my twitter @mattino22

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I am a Personal Trainer and coach based in Liverpool Street.


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