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Has my Apple Watch made me Fitter?

I am a self confessed Apple geek or should that just be geek.

I love their products and the ease at which they enhance and simplify my everyday life. So when I heard they were releasing a watch of course I had to have it. But, how could I justify spending all that money on replacing my current watch that was doing the job just fine. Well quite easily is the answer. I convinced myself, and anyone who would listen, that an Apple watch was going to make me fitter!

So 1 month in the question is, Has my Apple watch made me fitter?

Well to give this debate a sense of fairness I am a Personal Trainer so therefore lead an active life already. I have a job thats fairly demanding and requires long hours on my feet. On top of that I enjoy working out daily and commute to work on my bike.

I have recently joined a running club and invested in my first road bike so the ability to easily track my workouts through the watch and provide realtime interaction has been the largest improvement to my fitness. It has made me much more competitive to my own times and workouts and means I am more responsible to my training. These days I can never find an excuse to not work out. For this reason alone I would have bought the watch and undoubtable has made me fitter.

The watch tracks three main variables of activity- stand, move and exercise. I set myself the highest target of each as I have such an active lifestyle. However I have found two of the categories harder to reach than the other. Exercise requires you to do 30 minutes of exercise daily. I easily manage this as even a brisk walk will count toward this goal. Stand requires you to stand up for a minute every hour for 12 hours. I have found this harder to match especially on a weekend. Move requires me to burn 960 calories a day. This is the one I have found the hardest to reach.

In conclusion, I have discovered that I spend more time sitting down than I thought. The watch has had a positive effect and made me conscious of this especially on a Sunday spent on the sofa watching sport! The downside of the watch is the move goal. I use the watch to track my resistance workouts and this never counts very highly towards my move goal. But if I would take a long brisk walk this would count higher towards my move goal. In my opinion it is far more beneficial for me to do a heavy leg session than take a 45 minute walk but the watch disagrees. However I would recommend buying an apple watch to everyone I know. The majority of people I train are office workers suffering from the restrictions of 21st century living. I believe the watch will encourage everyone to sit less, exercise more and chose walking as a way of getting around to ensure they reach their daily achievements.

author: jasonpatmore

I am a Personal Trainer and coach based in Liverpool Street.


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