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Practical Fat Loss – Newsletter July 2015

Practical Fat Loss – Is It Hard?

Afternoon all! So here’s the rest of this week’s newsletter…

I left you with 2 examples based on two previous clientes, so 2 more to follow:

Person C. 45, owns their own business with 5 employees, but does the majority of the work including admin. He works 35 hours per week and has 2 kids, buys his lunch.

He will train 2-3 times per week depending on work and how he feels, and will cycle to and from work on most days.

Person D. 20 year old student who has 16 scheduled hours of lectures (whether they actually go is another question lol), she has a part-time job which is only 6 hours per week and goes out drinking every now and then.

However she is young with good recovery and her nutrition is fairly good.

She will train 4x per week in the gym, with an optional 1-2 cardio sessions.

Individual Needs…

Each person has different circumstances as you can see, even if they are of similar age. They all have different requirements, and frequency of training will differ across all of them.

If you already have a stressful lifestyle, more training will contribute towards fatigue and burnout. If this sounds like you, there’s no need to have intense workouts all the time.


With your training plan, you must ensure its progressive!

Going to the gym is always a start, however if there is no plan, end goal, or progression, you’ll soon be back where you started.

It’s also important to have structure, so that you have specific periods of low intensity training, or complete rest.

Remember last week’s newsletter where I highlighted rest days as being extra tools which aided fat loss?

Bear this in mind as you won’t get very far if you’ve ran yourself into the ground.

Lifestyle – Exercise – Nutrition

Balancing these will play a huge part in your success, think about it…

author: jasonpatmore

I am a Personal Trainer and coach based in Liverpool Street.


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