RESTOREM – £35.00


Poliquin supplement which improves sleep and sleep quality

RestoREM is composed of dietary supplements that help with balancing neurochemistry and increasing rest and relaxation to improve sleep and sleep quality.

Sleep is essential to a balanced metabolism. Sleep helps regulate circadian rhythms, including learning and memory, cellular repair, regulation of immunity, core body temperature, melatonin secretion by the pineal gland and plasma levels of DHEA and cortisol.

RestoREM contains the nutrients 5-HTP, Phenibut and melatonin.5-HTP, or 5-hydroxytryptophan, helps improve serotonin levels and improve relaxation and sleep patterns. Phenibut, or β-Phenyl-γ-aminobutyric acid, is reported to help improve GABA levels. GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter that has been reported to be low in approximately 30% of the insomnia population. Melatonin is a naturally occuring hormone produced in the brain that helps improve the sleep/wake cycle so maximum rest is achieved. Melatonin helps to reset the cortisol circadian rhythms.

Proprietary blend 230 mg: Phenibut (Phenyl-Y-AminoButyric Acid), 5-HTP (l-5-hydroxytryptophan), Melatonin (N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine)
Other ingredients: Micro crystalline cellulose (USP), ascorbic acid USP, vegetable capsule (cellulose, purified water).

Formulated to exclude wheat, gluten, soy, dairy products, egg, nuts, tree nuts, colors, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives.

author: jasonpatmore

I am a Personal Trainer and coach based in Liverpool Street.


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