Training Legs

Training legs

It is imperative you train your legs!, thats it, it has to be done. There are so many reasons for this bold statement, but the main one is simple! Studies have shown that the dreaded squats and deadlifts help production of HGH (human growth hormone) and testosterone production within the body. Those two are the most important hormones in the body for building muscle mass and burning fat!

The body tends to balance its symmetry. When growth is stimulated in any muscle within the body, growth is then stimulated throughout the rest of the body, to a lesser extent. The legs are by far the biggest muscle group in the body, so when they are trained, their stimulation will have the most effect of stimulating growth within the rest of the body. That only means one thing, your upper body will be bigger by doing squats and deadlifts!

In this video, Neil Cramwell putting me through my paces at Krunch gym! This was at the end of a horrible leg session. I think I was sick at least once!

This was pre competition, during this session we were aiming for volume. I couldn’t walk for a few days! We have used a close leg squat aiming for the quads.

If you want any advice on training your legs, what exercises target specific parts of the legs muscle group or just want more information on Personal Training in London, email info@jdpfitness

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