Training Back Part 2

Training Back Muscles at out Personal Training Studio in Liverpool Street, London

The Back muscles do not get enough attention in most gym training programmes. This is mainly down to the fact they are not ‘mirror muscles’ Watch our Video blogs to discover more back exercises on our you tube channel

In this video is a ‘tri set’ (a group of exercises that involve three different movements/exercises). Seated pulley rows, Cable straight arm pull down, Weighted back extension.

Seated Pulley Rows is the key muscle and strength builder for your back. However good technique is so important to get optimum results. Jason, who is demonstrating this movement, allows for his elbows to just pass his back, allowing for maximal contraction. he also pivots form his hips, allowing for his lower back to get involved.

Straight arm pull downs is an important upper back exercise. Great for hitting Lats and Traps. Jason, before he pulls the weight down, braces his core. keeping a straight arm throughout the exercise, he pulls the weight down to his hips.

Weighted back extensions target the lower back and your core. Jason drops his body down as low as he can while keeping his back as straight as possible and the extends.

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author: jasonpatmore

I am a Personal Trainer and coach based in Liverpool Street.


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