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Fat Loss Ammo Part 1 – Newsletter June 2015


Patience! Remember, lean muscle tissue is difficult to build, and easy to lose. Body fat on the other hand is easy to gain, and difficult to shift

Fat Loss Ammo!

The majority of people I speak to during an initial consultation will have a goal which relates to weight or fat loss. This is fine, but just make sure your goal is very clear to you, this is because weight loss for a horse rider or swimmer is likely to be different to weight loss for a banker who enjoys keeping fit – so context is very important!

So let’s focus on fat loss, having a smaller and slightly toned physique. Have you or somebody that you know, wanting to reduce their body fat percentage done any of the following:

1) Hours of cardio on the treadmill or cross-trainer
2) Jogging…Possibly lots of it
3) Gone on a diet, typically low carb or low fat…maybe both even!

Over the years I’ve heard combinations of the above when asking people wanting to achieve fat loss what their training consisted of. One of the biggest problems we face today is that we want it all now! Not many people want to play the long game which is unfortunate. I’ve found those who achieve their goals, especially fat loss over longer durations tend to maintain their improved body shape, in contrast to those who achieved rapid short term changes, who tended to be more likely to rebound.

Fat loss is not a linear process so be prepared for ups and down, however there are many tools at your disposal, don’t limit yourself to one method as you’ll achieve more by using the different tools available to you.

A common trap I see people fall into is during the early phase where calories will be lowered more than necessary, and cardio is introduced in an attempt to reduce body fat. The problem with this, fat loss would slow down fairly quickly, leaving you with less to manoeuvre later on.

Fat loss is a strategic process, be prepared to have patience and always plan ahead. A key part of fat loss will be retaining your lean body mass, so holding on to the muscle tissue you already possess is vital as you want any weight loss to be from body fat and not muscle.

Here are a few methods to add to your fat loss ammo:

Adding extra training sessions
Frequency of training will be one of the easiest things to manipulate for fat loss. This will result in a higher overall weekly energy expenditure, and a benefit of doing this is that you’d be able add more food which in turn would support your performance and recovery. By adding an extra session, there’d be no need to neither add cardio nor increase it – this can wait until later. Remember it’s all about applying the minimum dose, as you can only add so much cardio and reduce so many calories before your body stops burning fat.

Rest days
When you’re going through intense training, the time you spend recovering is equally as important. Remember, it is during rest when adaptations take place. Training puts the body through stress, on top of this if you have stresses coming from other areas such as work, social life and family, it’s vital you incorporate days where you can back off from training to unwind. To achieve fat loss there is no need to run yourself into the ground, in fact this is the last thing you ever want to do regardless of your goal!

A bonus for all of you this week, I’ll continue with the rest on Thursday, in the meantime have a think about what I’ve covered so far, and check out our website for more information regarding our services.


author: jasonpatmore

I am a Personal Trainer and coach based in Liverpool Street.


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