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Butter Benefits – Newsletter June 2015

Margarine is cheaper to produce than butter, contains large amounts of cheap and processed vegetable oils with trans-fats in them which have been blended together!

Change takes time; it’s a natural human thing that we get caught in our habits. More recently I’ve noticed family using butter instead of margarine, however for a long time it was the other way around, despite my efforts.

When it comes to cooking, specifically what is best to cook with, it can be quite a debatable topic. In addition to all the claims and counter claims being made in the food industry and by the media, people are understandably confused. This week we discuss butter, and the benefits of including it in your diet.

I would always promote the use of butter in a diet, it’s consumption brings more benefits than margarine. Butter is a good dietary fat which also contains iodine in highly absorbable form, which aids thyroid function due to vitamin A which is also found in butter.

The belief that butter leads to weight gain is incorrect. Remember, butter contains short and medium chain fatty acids; whilst these are not stored in fat cells they do supply quick energy and help strengthen the immune system.

The ‘Wulzen’ factor – this is a hormone like substance found in butter and raw dairy fat. Named after the researcher, he found this to help prevent joint stiffness, arthritis, and the hardening of arteries. Talking of fat, many tend to choose skimmed milk over whole milk due to fears over dietary fat. Well, vitamins A and D which are also found in butter play a role in the absorption calcium which is essential for strong bones.

So whilst butter has a range of benefits, margarine on the other hand contains trans-fats, synthetic vitamins, emulsifiers, artificial flavours and preservatives. I’d strongly advise sticking with butter.

#Tip: Butter also contains conjugated linoleic acid…also sold as a supplement known as CLA in case you needed more convincing of its benefits! CLA is also found in red meat.

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author: jasonpatmore

I am a Personal Trainer and coach based in Liverpool Street.


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