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The grass was greener!

Grass was Greener

After two competitions last year, endless dieting and a strict gym program I made the choice of giving 2014 to my partner and my growing business.

A few holidays, a couple of west end shows and more ‘quality, hours spent together, I started to get my life back on track again. (If you haven’t competed or dieted hard for a few months, then you wouldn’t really get the ‘life back on track’ quote. Search for my other blogs describing the ups and downs of a fitness competitor, and then you’d understand!)

Also, my business grew. I employed another Personal Trainer in Laura Molen. Trained, educated and ensured she took all the requirements of a JDP Personal Trainer, also keeping her own personality in the process (I feel that commercial gyms and health clubs drain that out of you for ‘sales’ etc)

All was going really well, however, I felt my workouts where suffering. I just couldn’t put my finger on the problem. I was eating well, on point. I was full of energy. I was happy…until I read a post on Facebook by a group I follow, referring to a local gym. I clicked….had a look around online and decided to pay it a visit.

The gym was Muscleworks. A man only, testosterone filled pit. Full of sweat and tears from yesteryear. You could smell the hard work that had gone in over the years here! It had two floors. Bottom consisting of all leg machines Known to man and some cardio equipment. The top floor was busting out of the seems with EVERY machine to hit EVERY muscle you poses, even the ones you thought you never had!

I mad a conscious effort to get there at least three times a week and have done since…..3 months later and I’m still keeping to it! Since that day; I look forward to every session, my mindset is so much more positive, clearer to the cause, switched on….My workouts are feeling the benefits too, I’m stronger, leaner and bigger! If your thinking about changing gyms, switching trainers or just mixing up your session/workouts….DO IT! It’s the same as having a ‘cheat meal’ at the weekend, revving up your metabolism. Rev up your workouts, switch your attentions, keep to the cause.

author: jasonpatmore

I am a Personal Trainer and coach based in Liverpool Street.


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