Ivana Hand - 12 Week Transformation

12 Week Transformation


So how did we do it? Well first of all we created a very clear plan for Ivana to follow. Having a plan is half the battle. We are all very goal orientated so by having a clear goal and clearly defined steps to help us achieve that goal is paramount.


The first 6 weeks Ivana went on a high rep range workout plan split up into body parts. That meant that her rep ranges went all the way up to 50 reps for some exercises. We did this to shock her body into change and to hit her type 1 and type 2 muscle fibres. We set her on a base calories of 2,700kcal a day of good clean calories. Just these simple changes to her routine brought about massive physical changes. However, during all of this we avoided most shoulder and pressing exercises as Ivana had a pre existing injury to her shoulder.


The next 4 weeks we brought the rep range right back down to 8-12 reps per exercise, however we increased the weights. Alongside this we started to reduce Ivana’s calorie intake to bring about the fitness model look that she was after. Again we had to avoid certain exercises to compensate for the injury to the shoulder. This all just goes to show that even with an injury we can get in great shape. At no time did Ivana use her injury as an excuse not to train or not to get results.


The final two weeks revolved around depletion workouts. We would hit each muscle group everyday and superset every exercise. To compliment this we introduced carb cycling to bring Ivana’s body fat percentage right down.



Ivana’s nutrition was key also. she maintained a constant cycle of calories with a perfect macro breakdown supplied by JDP Fitness. The key to Ivana’s nutrition was consistency. Ivana has a job where she is in and out of the office a lot, therefor, eating correctly and consistently would be the issue.

Ivana had 1 cheat meal every week.

Total Kcal 1785

Protein 200g

Carbohydrates 153g

Fat 44g

12 week transformation

Ivana's Testimonial

“Before I signed up for 12-weeks transformation with JDP Fitness, I had experience with both one-on-one and group training. I also trained regularly on my own for last two years. I drove myself towards getting a bikini-fitness-model body but did not know how to train to earn it. I mentioned it to my friend who referred me to JDP fitness studio. That is when I met Matt and Jason who introduced me 12weeks transformation program. It was a perfect timing! I knew it was a great opportunity for me to find my limits and discover whether I like training for fitness competitions and modelling.


I was used to hard training, loved finishing my workout session covered in sweat and feeling muscles (good) sore in the following day/s. Yet, I have never been able to see definition of my abdominals. Matt provided me a training plan that I found quite easy to follow outside of our one-on-one sessions. The only challenge I had to face was my shoulder injury that happened a month before I started the transformation program. Matt offered me a couple of exercise solutions and variances. Yet, I had to stay away from majority of shoulder & chest exercises. It was very frustrating!


My body transformation was effective mainly due to strict diet – when meal-planning and weighing macro nutrients came into play. I required lot of self-discipline and organisation. The very last two weeks before “Day D” were the toughest ever! At that time you need to push yourself over your state of mind, mood and ignore voice of your body. I was literally counting down days to the photo-shoot. I was lucky that Matt was unbelievably supportive. I needed it more than ever! I could not be more grateful for his text messages checking on me. He kept reminding me “it will be worth it”. I admit I had doubts and lacked on diet a bit when I very struggled with my energy level to simply function. On the final day I wished I had followed the diet on 100% as the results would have been even better. I take it as an awesome experience when I learnt that I can overcome my limits. The final message I got from this experience is “there are no limits; we make them up”

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