Bikini Fitness/Diva Personal Training Package

Bikini Fitness/Diva Personal Training Package

Bikini Competition Prep Personal Training sessions in Liverpool Street.

Ever looked at those models on the front of fitness magazines or been inspired by the “fitspo” girls on social media who make strong look sexy and thought, “How is that even physically possible?”


Two words .. IT IS!


Here at JDP Fitness we have expert body transformation coaches who specialise in drastically changing body composition and aesthetics and to also offer competition prep to those who wish to compete in the fitness/model competitions. We train people from all walks of life from the fitness professional to the complete beginner.  We have a proven track record in our field.


The Bikini/Diva Personal Training Package covers all aspects from training to diet and we ensure our clients receive the best support possible during what can be a very physically and mentally demanding journey.

Your one to one training sessions will include a variety of training techniques from bodybuilding to weightlifting covering all aspects from strength to endurance to ensure your body will thrive and advance in a way that will avoid plateau. We will plan an individual training program to accommodate your current fitness level and ability and amend this throughout as this will change.

A tailored nutrition program outlining every aspect of your food and drink intake including your daily: macros and calorie intake, likes and dislikes, quantity consumption, timings and hydration, all of which are structured for optimal muscle growth.


Throughout the plan, there will be weekly/biweekly check-ins to see how your progression is coming along which consists of weight and body measurements, nutrition plan check and progress photos.


What’s included:

Customised Training Plan

Customised Diet Plan

Customised Supplement Plan

Weekly/Bi-Weekly Check-ins and Review

1-1 Posing Coaching (on request)

Peak Week Preparation

Private Personal Training Facilities at Liverpool Street, London


JDP Fitness Tailor all Bikini/Diva Personal Training Packages and cater to suit your specific needs, goals and lifestyle. With this package we can ensure you will discover the functional benefits of resistance training:

Improved Body Shape

Increased Muscle Strength

Increased Muscle Power

Increased Metabolic Rate

Increased Bone Health

If you work in City, come in and have a chat with us. we cater for all abilities in our HIIT Personal Training Package. We have clients from Liverpool Street, St Pauls, Moorgate and Bank. Your never too far away!

Scarlett Hollands Bikini Model, London, Personal Training

Package Pricing

5 Pack
£77.50 per Session
5 x PT Sessions
10 Pack
£65 per Session
10 x PT Sessions
20 Pack
£60 per Session
20 x PT Sessions

Bikini Model/Diva Program Benefits

Comp Prep

The Package allows us to prep you for your Bikini Comp

Macro/Comp Diet

Our Personal Trainers will design your whole food and meal plan

Programme for Everyone

Our Programs are based on the client, Thier weight and goals.


You have a prep coach to report to!

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'I felt motivated throughout and was looking forward to my PT sessions. Training with jason was an absolute pleasure'

Alex Myles

'I would strongly recommend JDP Fitness, not just for their professionalism, but also for the studio environment, equipment and location!'

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